Thomai Psarologos


In the Southeast corner of the region of ARCADIA, lies the district of TSAKONIA. This region enclosed by some characteristic features which are noteworthy, such as, its dialect, (which is a remnant of the ancient Doric Greek language) and the traditional textile industry which started at the end of the 18th century.

At the beginning they used to to weave bags for transportation of grains from fields and sacs (tagaria in Greek), used to carry their tools and their lunch. In the fields as well as rugs and kilims for the purpose of furnishing their homes in winter time or to use them as a dowry for their daughters.

These woven products are being manufactured in one only type of textile machine, which is upright. Its advantage is that it produces single whole items and that these items are more durable also made to order.

Initially the design was simple, in later years it was followed by geometric designs and still later on, they had as a source themes from nature, from which we desire the dying of the yearns.
In the beginning they used all wool materials but nowadays they blend wool with cotton as a protection of moth infestation.

Family’s story…

All these tend to contribute to the complexity of this process and for this reason, today very few women still are employed in this traditional textile occupation in Tsakonia. Strong affinity, passion, inner desire and lots of time are the prerequisites for performing this craft.

My family, we are among the few ones who still remain to continue this tradition that was left to us through our grandmothers.

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