• «ANAMMA» Group Ceramics Exhibition

    14/09 – 14/10/2023 ANAMMA: light: verb (used with object), light·ed or lit, light·ing. to set burning, as a candle, lamp, fire, match, or cigarette; kindle; ignite. Light a candle, to remember the ones that are gone, for our wish to be granted, to feel safe. An act that has been inner call of the men all …

  • Ritual Vessels Exhibition 2022 4

    “Ritual Vessels” Group ceramics exhibition

    16–24/09/2022 The practice of ceramic art itself —and its persistence over time through the ever-increasing interest of artists, both professional and amateur, in the medium— can only lead us to its origins, that is, to the soil, to the humble grain of sand. Its origin from a fragile inorganic condition which, with proper handling and …

  • Botsala

    Exhibition by Christina Morali

    Opening: July 17, 20:00–23:00 Exhibition duration: 16–25 July 2021

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