Nikos Lembesis

Nikos Lembesis is a potterer since 15 years old. Fourth generation of a potterer family, counting over 100 years of craftsmanship, learned the craft from his father.

Nikos along with his father Giannis, his brother Spiros and his wife Maria keep on creating.

Also a very important coworker is Diane Katsiafikas, fine arts professor in University of Minnesota. Until recently the ceramic items were decorated by the legendary “Yaya Kate”, Nikos’s grandmother.

The clay used is either Sifnos earth for the oven proof pots, or other red terra cotta clays and unleaded glazes, fired at 1050° grades.

Nikos loves his craft as “he always finds something new or evolves something old”. The decorations are inspired by the Sifnian tradition, the nature and the sea.

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