Katy Kapi Skouris


Katy was born in Athens. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts, painting dpt, attending lessons from Panagiotis Tetsis and Dimitria Mytaras.

At the same time she takes her first ceramic classes at the workshop of ASFA and then in Sifnos. In 1980, with Peterson Skourtis, they start a pottery workshop in Athens. At the same time, they open the shop-workshop-gallery “Ostria” in Galaxidi where they create original ceramics, using red and white clay in everyday shapes. All the items are wider in electric kiln on 1030C, while the glazing and the colours used are environmental friendly. In 1986 the workshop has finally moved to Galaxidi, a place that inspires them and they can enjoy working.

Katy Kapi Skouris is a member of the Chamber of Arts and the National Ceramist Union.

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